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    To Whom This May Concern,

    My name is Neftaly Hernandez and my wife and I have had our home in the care of Synergy Realty Group for over 5 years if not closer to 6 years now. I can't deny that as a Soldier the prospect of leaving my home in the hands of another was out right stress inducing, but this has not been the case with Dodi and her team. From day one she herself took the time to come to our home and explain the process and the services offered. Through our time with Synergy we have had challenging times as well as exciting times. From tenants damaging our property, to basic maintenance and upkeep. At the moment we are happy to say there is a great tenant living in our home and have had no issues come to my attention in well over a year. Regardless of the challenges, Dodi and her team have done a great job at ensuring that in one way or another the home was back on the market as soon as possible and with a happy tenant inside.

    Neftaly Hernandez

    This letter is written to attest to the quality and professionalism that Synergy Realty Group displayed towards us while managing our property in Woodland Park, Colorado. First, they (Mike Ockert) were our real estate agents during the purchase of our home. We currently live in Alabama, and they made the viewing and purchase of our home very easy. They were patient and kind to my wife and me, and we became the proud owners of our newly purchased home.

    Following the purchase of the home, we asked Synergy to manage the property for us. Having about three years before the move, we needed someone to care for and treat our home as if it were their own. Synergy set up our accounts for ease of bill payments, and made the process fairly effortless. We had some bumps along the way with several tenants, not all of which were as kind to the house as we would have liked. During the empty periods (between tenants), Synergy was able to maintain and keep the house in excellent order. My loyalty towards Synergy was cemented when they were able to get a particularly bad tenant out. This tenant violated the lease by damaging the house in their establishment of a marijuana growing operation in the house. While, we checked, the marijuana growing itself was legal, their illegal wiring and multiple holes in the walls were not. Synergy got them out in two weeks, and in my opinion saved the house from huge damages. The house was restored to near perfect, and for that I am grateful.

    In summary, I highly recommend Synergy for further certification and would definitely use them again. The professionalism and friendship that Dodi, Mike (real estate arm), and Justin (repairs and maintenance) have shown us is greatly appreciated.

    Michael and Darlene Stewart

    Dear Dodi,

    I want to take a moment to thank you and your team for your attention to detail and excellent management of my home.I must admit I was very reluctant to rent out my home,but your team made the transition almost painless!Your attention to detail and placing a good tenant there are two things I greatly appreciate.

    Thank you as well,for your prompt responses when I have questions regarding my home,the lease,or anything else I might have a question aboutI know my home is in very good hands.

    Kindest regards,
    Jeanne Bignell

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