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  • Local Expertise, Professional Results

    We are a dedicated, committed property management company, and we know the value of satisfied customers on both sides of the CO rental market. Synergy Realty Group is comprised of professionals who have decades of combined experience handling everything from a single family home to a multi-level apartment complex. Most of the rental properties managed by us are in between those two extremes, but we're happy to help you no matter your rental property needs. That's true for people who have investment properties, and also true for people who are hunting for their next new home. Temporary and long-term rentals are both available.

    When you are looking for a great place to live, you have to consider a lot of different things. Location is very important, but you also want the right size place and you want to feel safe and comfortable. You can do that in our properties, and we'll take the time to show you different options so you can find the right place and feel like you belong there. Plenty of property management companies can be found all throughout CO, but that doesn't mean they are the same. They also don't treat their tenants and customers the same, which can mean a lot of extra hassle.

    We'll help you avoid all that hassle, and work with you because we care about are tenants and their needs. Come work with a property management company that actually pays attention, and that wants to make its tenants into happy, satisfied, long-term customers. Through working closely with both tenants and owners, we have created a nice balance between the needs of owners and investors and the requirements of tenants. That's good for everyone involved, and helps all the people we work with engage in a winning situation that helps them get what's important.

  • Our Team

    Dodi D'Alessio

    Dodi is the Vice President. Dodi's passion is helping others and problem solving. She is fluent in English, Polish and German.

    Dodi loves spending time with her beautiful daughter, Dominique, and husband, Charles D'Alessio, and their critters. She also enjoys reading and ballroom dancing.

    Ashley is our Office Manager. She has been in customer service for over 9 years, she has been a property manager for the last 3 years working with single and multi family homes. She thoroughly enjoys helping others and does her best to understand any problem and create a solution. In her free time she loves being with her amazing daughter, reading, learning new things, and adventures outdoors. She always sees the positive things in life and believes it's the small things that matter most.
    Jen Morris

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5225 N Academy Blvd. Suite 301
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
TEL (719) 418-6036
FAX (866) 721-8513
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